It’s important to know what all of your options are when it comes to selling your house. If done wrong, your headaches will increase as your money and time fly out the door. Our team will work with you to keep you happy. We’re here to help you feel more educated about the best route to go when looking to sell your home.


  Working Through Joe Homebuyer Working Through an Agent
Commissions Zero! - No fees or Commissions Around 6% of your final sale will go to your agent 
Who Pays Closing?  Zero! - Closing costs are 100% covered by us Prepare to put around 2% of your final sale price towards closing costs
Inspection & Financing Contingency  Not at all - Cash sales do not require financing An inspection will be required for any financed purchase, and around 15% fall through due to inspection or other uncovered issues
Appraisal Required?  No –  Cash sales do not require an appraisal Yes, if your buyer is using financing, the lender will require an appraisal before signing off and completing the loan
Average Days Until Closing  As quick as 7 days or pick the day that works best for you Generally 60 days. However, it could take months – there are no guarantees
Number of Showings 1 – We only need to see the home once! As many as it takes until your agent finds a willing buyer
Closing Date  Any day, YOUR CHOICE Usually 1 month after you accept an offer. You are responsible for insurance, liens, taxes, and utilities until the day of closing.
Who Pays For Repairs? We take care of any cleaning, repairs or updates that are necessary This will be negotiated between you and the buyer and will likely increase the time for when you can close.

The Right Choice for Your Unique Situation

There are benefits to listing your house. You COULD list at a higher price than we may offer, but there is no guarantee that you will come out with more money. Selling directly may benefit you more than using a conventional real estate agent.

A Solid Offer and Quick Closures

Having a quality interaction doesn’t mean you have to have a large quantity of time taken up. Yes, we close fast. But, no, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a great offer. A quick close saves you from the hassle of having to pay for a house you may no longer be using, as well as relieving you of your duties to it immediately.  

No Hidden Fees

We won’t try to trick you into paying our commissions, add costs for closing, or make you pay for repairs. We take your house as-is. Because we aren’t real estate agents, we won’t require the fees that come with being one.  

Unique to You

With the many complications that come in life, we understand that all of your situations will differ. We are prepared to help you in any way we can to make your transition smooth. We take pride in putting in extra work to make you comfortable.